Port St. George, Bahamas

A best kept property investment secret in Beautiful Bahamas is about to be revealed . . . prime 5-star Port St George Resort building plots to be sold at prices fixed in 2006.

Properties Abroad.com will shortly offer you a unique and exclusive opportunity to buy marina 15,000 ft2 (1400m2) building plots, including dockages for 100-foot vessels, at 2006 prices. Saving around 60% on Present Market Prices.

Choice of Marina, Golf or Lakeside plots, many with marina berths included in the price, in the 5-star resort of Port St George, Long Island, an $800,000,000 resort currently being developed.

Each 15,000 ft2 plot has planning for up to 9000ft2 of built area distributed across 1 or more properties, up to 4.

Investors will be able to obtain the rights to acquire marina, lakeside or golf plots of land, some front-line, in The Bahamas’ newest resort being developed all with the facilities and security of a 5-star Langham hotel resort. The plot prices we are offering today were fixed in 2006 at Special Founders Rates based upon building plot prices prevailing at that time.


Port St George is a brand new, eco engineered, sustainable, 5* Langham Hotel and spa, 640 berth marina and Robert Jones II Golf course development covering an area of around 882 acres with some 1200 properties and commercial retail space. Development of PSG will soon be underway with the marina, golf course and hotel due to complete 2022, and the whole resort by 2024.


Back in 2005, when the idea of the Port St George resort was conceived, to help finance the resort plots were sold and developed in the developer’s long-established adjoining resort of Stella Maris.

To sweeten the sale of each plot sold at that time, they came with a free Right to Buy agreement allowing the purchase of a plot of land in the future resort of Port St George (PSG), but fixed at 2006 values, without having to commit or pay anything until such time as the resort became viable. Known as Special Founders Rates, that time has come as development of PSG will shortly be underway.

RTB owners will have a unique opportunity to profit from their commitment back then by either executing their RTBs and purchasing 2006 fixed price plots during a 60-day plot purchase window opening later this year, or sell-on their RTBs. Most are retaining their RTBs, but a number of RTB owners have elected to sell theirs. This offer applies to those RTBs available for sale.


The Port St George market study was conducted in 2018 by RAGATZ ASSOCIATES – an international consulting and market research firm in the resort real estate industry. It was founded in 1974 by Dr. Richard Ragatz. https://www.ragatzassociates.com

The only way to acquire land in Port St George is via acquiring a Right To Buy (RTB) option

PSG resort is not selling any building plots other than to RTB owners. Only built properties will be released in due course, not plots of land.

Plot sales to holders of RTBs will be at the discounted prices described as Special Founders Rates. They can only be executed over a 60-day Right To Buy (RTB) window expected to open later this year. Once the RTB window closes, any unexercised RTBs will become forfeit.

RTB options on discounted plots are about to be launched. Many of the RTBs come with marina dockages for 35-foot to 100-foot vessels included in the price.

Transactions are conducted by a UK Lawyer. Each plot has full planning consent for up to 4 dwellings to either build-out or for the owners to hold or sell-on the plot once the resort is further established.

This website is owned and operated independently of Port St. George. This image is the copyright of StarPort Resorts and is used here with their kind permission.

Developers of Port St George: www.portstgeorge.com

Development Partners: Starport Resorts www.starportresorts.com

PR: is by Quinn PR www.quinn.pr

Ragatz Associates – 2018 Market Study: www.ragatzassociates.com

Exclusive Agents for the RTB owners: Port St George Investments Ltd in partnership with Properties Abroad.com.

Contact: +44 208 920 9414 +44 7966 456515



In 2008, the recession led to the decision being taken to postpone the development of Port St George. Development will soon be underway. The resort carries no debt and funding is in place.

Fast forward 13 years to 2019 and it is clear that the plots, which average 15,000 ft2 (1,400m2) with full planning consent for up to 4 dwellings per plot, and dockage rights for yachts up to 100feet, reflect a huge discount to current market prices. Figures reflecting current market prices are based upon a professional market study.


They are not exercisable under Bahamian law until such time as development is underway, expected to be later this year, which point a 60-day RTB exercise option window will be announced. Any unexercised options at the end of this 60-day period will expire.

Exercising an option within the chosen RTB category see Price Table involves choosing and purchasing one of the plots. See Procedure for Choosing a Plot and placing a 10% deposit. The balance of 90% falls due once the infrastructure for that plot is complete, expected in Autumn 2021. Once the balance is paid the buyer will receive the transfer of title to that plot.


We are able to bring this opportunity to you because Port St George Investments Ltd in partnership with Properties Abroad.com has exclusive agreements with the owners of the RTB options who wish to sell their options. This offer does not represent the developers or owners of PSG. It represents those early investors who wish to sell-on their RTB options to new investors who then would have the right to acquire a discounted plot during the 60-day plot purchase window.

Reasons for the early investors wishing to sell-on their RTB’s are varied: age, ill health, insufficient funds to convert their opportunity or simple loss of interest. The majority of RTB owners have opted to hold and exercise their RTBs in order to benefit from larger future profits.


1. Choose an RTB option from the price table. Notify peter@propertiesabroad.com. Give your name and phone number. We will arrange for the lawyer to send you a transfer agreement.

Purchasing the RTB requires an initial payment of a refundable 10% deposit, engaging the lawyer to transact the process, which should not take longer than 10 days, at the end of which the lawyer will complete the process. All payments are transferred to the lawyer’s client account.

Sign your agreement and transfer your funds for the RTB to the lawyer’s bank account details provided. The transfer will be countersigned by the present RTB rights owner (the seller). Once both buying and selling parties sign the transfer agreement with each receiving a copy of that agreement, your funds are then transferred to the seller. Transaction complete. The process should take no longer than 10 days.

See RTB Purchase and Transfer Agreement.

Can I resell the RTB options? Yes. At any time up to the closure of the RTB 60-day window.

2. In good time prior to the 60-day plot purchase window, PSG, the developer and landowner, will provide you with plot options within the RTB category pertaining to your new RTB plot. Follow the Choosing a Plot guidelines and make your choice. New plots will be released in such a way that plots released at the end of the window are as appealing as those released at the start.

3. Once a plot is selected the RTB owner signs an agreement and pays a deposit of 10% of the plot purchase price. The deposit is non-refundable, but subject to protective clauses. At this point their RTB transfers to a plot sales agreement. The new owner’s 10% deposit remains in escrow at all times until the infrastructure is in place. In the event that the infrastructure is unreasonably delayed, the buyer will have an option to accept the delay or receive back their 10% deposit.

4. After 24 months, sufficient infrastructure will have been installed to enable the lawful transfer of the freehold consented plot from the landowner to the buyer. At this point, the balance of 90% becomes due. Upon payment, title will transfer to the new owner.

The Islands Of The Bahamas

Readily accessible by plane or boat from the U.S., The Bahamas consists of an archipelago of 700 islands sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean. An ecological oasis boasting the clearest water on the planet, this world-renowned vacation destination delivers adventure, fun, lavish comfort, romance, and relaxation.

Long Island

One of the most desirable Out Islands of The Bahamas, Long Island features dramatic limestone cliffs that tower over its eastern shore, overlooking scenic serene beaches. The island is a haven for fishers, divers and boaters, boasting world class bonefishing and thrilling encounters with sea life. The island’s western shore has tranquil turquoise waters with soft pink and white sand beaches that gradually slip into Exuma Sound. The island has many features worthy of exploration including Dean’s Blue Hole, the Columbus Landing site, numerous caves and beaches, and many sites for birding and exploring nature.

Port St. George

Port St. George is the island home to a new luxury resort being thoughtfully developed on an 882-acre parcel of land located on the paradise destination of Long Island, Bahamas. With 2,000 feet of Atlantic Ocean frontage, 4,200 feet of shoreline on Exuma Sound and a 100-acre harbour, this property will include 515 residences with an impressive array of amenities.

Eco-engineering and Sustainable Planning

The Port St. George project in The Bahamas will be the first large-scale Eco-engineered resort development in the Caribbean. Sustainable features will be integrated into the project infrastructure and in every commercial and residential building. Solar energy will be captured and stored in every structure, creating the prospect of being entirely off-grid.

The use of rainwater catch basins and reverse osmosis desalinization will conserve the supply of clean fresh water. A system to process food waste at the point of origin will reduce garbage and will constantly generate much-needed fresh compost. The project will be “future-proofed” by elevating all building sites. The use of disposable plastics by resort amenities will be eliminated and automobile use will be restricted. An organic hydroponics farm is also planned. This is the forward look of Port St. George.

Timeless Attraction And Tranquility

Long Island still provides the very elements that travelers found attractive 75 years ago: breathtaking beaches, waters in all shades of blue, and tranquility provided by this one-of-a-kind location far removed from the congestion of daily life of the mainland

The Five Star Resort Centerpiece

An awe-inspiring 55-acre peninsula on Exuma Sound will be the site of a Five-Star hotel. The hotel will feature a spa, several dining options, private villas and access to boating, paddle boarding, fishing and other water sporting activities. The site on the calm turquoise waters of Exuma Sound is secluded and offers easy access to others areas of Port St. George.

The Harbour Area

The 100-acre harbour will feature 640 berths, and a one-mile arc of waterfront. This will provide for residential and commercial settings in a village center that will include an inn, a yacht club, a food store, a culinary school, and an assortment of restaurants and bars, including the lighthouse bar at the harbour inlet. The harbour will be a vibrant place, a community center for all Islanders as well as for residents and guests of Port St. George.

Sport And Relaxation

A golf and tennis club house will be situated on a hillside that gently rises to 100′ near the Atlantic Ocean. The sports center will offer an 18-hole golf course, six tennis courts, and a swimming complex that will include a 50-meter pool. A cricket pitch and other sports field will be located at the entrance to the land sports area.

The Atlantic Ocean area features two beaches. The beach club will offer an array of services for time at the beach, including a bar and a restaurant. The architectural style in this area will be refreshingly modern, with all residences and the beach club enjoying spectacular ocean views.
The ocean and the sound are world class fishing and boating venues. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and ocean rowing can be enjoyed on the sound. The entire area is excellent for birding and other nature oriented activities.

This 882-acre residential resort will be The Bahamas’ first large-scale eco-engineered destination. Imagine a resort that goes beyond meeting your expectations. In addition to the extensive hospitality and sporting options, Port St. George is a community in which infrastructure, building design and programs contribute to our wellness and to the protection of the environment. We invite you to explore the wonders that await you on Long Island.

Port St. George is the island home to a new luxury resort being thoughtfully developed on an 882-acre parcel of land located on the paradise destination of Long Island, Bahamas. With 2,000 feet of Atlantic Ocean frontage, 4,200 feet of shoreline on Exuma Sound and a 100-acre harbour, this property will include 515 residences with an impressive array of amenities.

Once the 60-day plot purchase window opens (RTB owners will be given plenty of notice) plots become available to be purchased. Each day new plots will be released in such a way to ensure that plots released on the 60th day are just as appealing as those released on day 1. Once a plot is selected the RTB owner pays a deposit of 10% which then transfers their RTB to a plot sales agreement.

Seller pays their sale fees. No buying fees to the buyer unless they appoint their own lawyer to handle their purchase. We advise this.

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